Sunday, November 29, 2015

Walking It Off

It's been 19 days into this 20-day challenge. My goal was 10 minutes a day on average, and my REAL goal was 20 minutes a day average. (I just don't like to be disappointed!) As of today, my average is... (drum roll, please...)
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Yes! 19.5 minutes per day average! I like it.

What I've noticed the past two weeks -

  • A pattern - walk three days, take a day off and stretch. The days off are not because I "didn't want to" walk; they're for various reasons.
  • I've lost weight. Wha?? Yes. I had some to lose, and I lost 9 pounds. Crazy, I know.
  • I'm eating better. This is probably because my body is needing different foods!
  • I'm sleeping better. I think it's all the fresh air. I only count my outside walks.
  • I feel good.

I'll keep this up for longer than 20 days. I'll write one more progress report before I share final results with my students. I know this is a great habit to get back into, and I'm excited that biking in the spring will be so much easier when I keep my body moving this upcoming winter.

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