Sunday, November 15, 2015

Walking Into Fall

Week One Progress:

I started on Wednesday of last week - November 11th - because it was such a BEAUTIFUL day outside! I wolfed down my lunch and then got outside during the school day. I walked for 16 minutes and felt so good! Because it felt so good, I ended up taking my last class outside for the second half of the block. The next day was bitter cold and wet out, so I walked after dinner instead - 30 minutes with my love. We tried to walk off that Chipotle burrito! Friday I did not get my walk in... My lower back / hips were achy. I stretched on Friday. It was a good reminder that my back needs to stretch after exercise. (Gosh, it's been too long!) I had to make a decision then... what was my true goal? Walking 10 minutes a day or just making sure I walk when I can? Saturday we walked for 25 minutes and saw progress on the dam in Busse Woods. Today we have plans to walk to Jewel and the library - should be at least 20 minutes.

On Saturday, I also created my chart to keep my progress. Sadly, my highlighter ran out of juice. I'll have to borrow one from the student station... Don't ask me why I chose a highlighter - it was a split-second decision. I made a line for my goal, and then made another line for my real goal... I really think I can walk 20 minutes a day, but I don't want to disappoint myself, so 10 minutes is more "doable." I still hope my average per day is 20 minutes for these 20 days...
Making this chart made me think of my students - how will they document their progress? I know it depends on what they'll choose to do - and that's exciting to me! I made the simple chart that they can copy and edit if they like. (Click on the link or type in They can share their progress through blog posts, video updates, a Google document "viewable by anyone," a paragraph on paper, or an email to me. I'd like to fill up the bulletin board with updates if they're not published for all to see. We'll keep track of just HOW we'll keep track on this spreadsheet.

Whatever happens, I believe getting outside to walk might stick - because I really want it to. I want to be able to get back on that bike this spring and ride long distances once again.

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