Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lesson Learned


I used to be a "numbers" person. I used to write EVERYTHING down in my running journal - miles, time, distance, heart rate, and even how I felt. When I started biking, in went those numbers, as well. Add in the cross country skiing, then the roller skiing, then the exercise videos. I had these journals filled from 1997-2009.

HUGE life events happened. I switched to walking and biking - A TON.

Moved, changed priorities, tossed my wristwatch, stopped being so obsessive about numbers.

I have an inkling as to where my heart monitor is...

I started this 20-day challenge with a goal. I think I've stoked the embers once again, but I'm not in full "let's get healthy and STAY healthy" mode just yet. The chart helped - this is my lesson from this past week - I NEED a chart or record in order to keep consistent with exercise.

Once the 20 days were over, my chart was complete. Since then, I've only walked TWICE - in five days.


Plans to keep this up - KEEP the chart! I added more paper to the chart today. Yes. Folded and taped it right next to the other. I like seeing the yellow highlighted bars. They keep me motivated! After this chart is finished, I'll figure out something so that I can continue documenting the walks. I may have to resort to a running journal once again.

30-Day Challenge #2 - over and out. (It's never fully finished, is it...?!)

Side note: Since December 1st, I've been taking a photo-a-day again, as well. I'm getting the categories from #cy365. We'll see if I can keep up with this one, too! It'll be easier now that I'm putting them on Instagram, only.