Sunday, March 15, 2015

Losing Interest

I'm not losing interest in reading or writing, but I am losing interest in keeping track of my reading and writing. It may be because I haven't done much writing the last two weeks...

I missed an update on this blog because I was sick, but I also didn't do much writing... unless I can count the blog post I wrote for my original blog today and revisions I made to the first chapter I sent into the editor to review. She was rough on me - it's so good for me - I have to remember that!!

So... although interest is lacking in writing these blog posts and keeping track of my writing minutes, I can see that I need to get back to writing. Reflection helps us figure out next steps, correct? So I'll just go frost my dad's cake for his 80th birthday celebration tonight, and then grade genius hour updates, and then plan for this week and THEN get to writing......

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