Monday, February 9, 2015

Can I Do What I Ask of Students? Week 1...

I ask my students to read 20 minutes a night. Not too tough. They've got lives, I know, but so do I. Sometimes reading gets put on the back burner. There are days, however, when they can make up that 20 minutes, if they missed a night (or two). I read a TON. It was time for me to make sure I actually DO read 20 minutes a night!!

Tuesday, February 3rd - I began this documentation. I'd just finished The 20time Project by Kevin Brookhouser. Time to grab something that's fiction - Kevin gave me too many ideas about Genius Hour that are churning through my head! Picked up Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay - historical fiction. I was heading to bed, and brought it with me. Thirty pages later, and it took me 28 minutes. Goal accomplished! I'm so glad Mrs. J. donated this book to our classroom library!

I decided to not write about my reading EVERY night. Instead, I created this...

I'll be using this spreadsheet to collect my data. This week, I've been totally enjoying Sarah's Key, because the only thing extra I've done to keep data is put a sticky note in the book and jot down times, pages, and dates. Easy-peasy, and it still lets me enjoy reading, instead of making it a chore because of this experiment.
My current book, along with the sticky note I'm ready to replace.

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