Monday, February 17, 2014

A Love of Reading

I've asked students to follow these steps:

Therefore, since my last project was a flop, I will stick to this idea until I DO get inspired. Truly inspired. For I learned from my last project that I won't have anything to show if it's not something I for which I am passionate.

Since setting a Goodreads goal for 2013, I have found that I have gaps in my reading choices. I do not read many adult fiction books anymore, and I don't read a lot of novels (young adult or otherwise) from different countries. I've been reading books that take place in the United States, mostly. I also don't read many mysteries. What DO I read? I am about to find out this year.

So... starting this January, I decided I'd have a goal to keep reading (as is normal), with a twist. I'd read three young adult or children's novels, and then one adult novel, nonfiction or professional book.

The books I've read this year are on Goodreads and also on my Google doc. On this document, I also note which genre each book is.

The places I read about are on this Google doc. At the very least, I can read fiction set in different states, yes?? I tried to read I Am Malala, but abandoned it after 120 pages.

My progress so far...

My favorites so far this year...
     Choice Words by Peter Johnston - for anyone who works with children.
     The Pregnancy Project - for anyone who knows, has known, or might know a teenage mother.
     The Running Dream - for middle school and high school students!

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