Sunday, March 23, 2014

Going Well...

Phew! I am doing it! I'm reading a ratio of about 3:1 - 3 YA or juvenile books to 1 adult book! Let's look at the details...
Last I'd written, I'd read The Pregnancy Project. Note that these books go backwards - most recent is top left. I had to read two adult books side-by-side - If Only had come free if I'd write about it and submit a blog post when the book comes out in print, and The First Phone Call from Heaven had been on reserve - I couldn't renew that one! So, to make up for two adult books, I read six YA or juvenile books!

Two new things I've learned...
     I've learned about a "new" genre - speculative fiction.
     I've also learned that I'd like to read about various places - and yet I won't choose a book by where it takes place.

I have two books packed for our break - Thrive (professional development for me) and Grasshopper Jungle (which is labeled "YA," but I hear is more adult than juvenile...). After that, I have a bag of six more YA books - in case I deem Grasshopper Jungle to be adult! ;-)

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