Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crayon Melting - Preparation

We went shopping...

Of course, I didn't think to print out a Michael's coupon for 40% off (like they always have available online!) We got there, and now the issue was size. What size should we get for our adventure in crayon art? We took about 5 excruciating minutes (for my nephew Robert, at least) looking in the aisle that had all the canvases, and finally decided on a package of seven square ones for $20. They are 12" x 12", and seemed like the perfect size for putting up on a wall.

At the dollar store, we purchased four packs of 24 crayons (some off brand), and a table cloth for the mess we were going to make. (Good thinking, Joy!) We already had a glue gun and glue sticks at home, and we had some cardboard we could practice on, as well. Earlier in the day, my husband Bob had spray painted the cardboard white, so we could practice on it to see how the crayons melted and how they looked on the white background.

We decided to take the paper off of the crayons, so we didn't see the sunburst decoration on them, and then start brainstorming what we wanted our pictures to look like.

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