Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crayon Melting - I need to try another.

After finishing the first quote I wanted to share with students, I had to try my favorite one from Kid President, and I wanted to do this one in a different, more perfect shape...

A heart.

Steps for this one...
  - Make a heart the right size on paper.
  - Trace this on the canvas in pencil.
  - Write the quote on paper, and try to make it fit right aesthetically.
  - Write it on the canvas in Sharpie.
  - Become frustrated because your marker slipped on the exclamation mark!
  - Grow more frustrated because you spelled "through" wrong!
  - Realize you can paint over it with white paint and start again.
  - Be grateful you've got white spray paint!
  - Tape the heart shape, and paint it white - outside.
  - Wait.
  - Check it, and notice you need another coat of paint
  - Paint it more, but it's okay if you can see some of the words... just not the "throug."
  - Bring it in from outside, because it's going to rain.
  - Choose your crayons. I chose reds of various shades, with a few purples thrown in.
  - Strip crayons of their paper.
  - Try to glue the broken ones back together with Super Glue.
  - Realize that doesn't work.
  - Decide the crayons are too long anyway, and cut them in half, on an angle.
  - Tape the heart shape again, but this time covering the quote fully with paper, too.
  - Arrange crayons in the order you want. Keep these close together this time.
  - Glue crayons on canvas, realizing (again) that you need to put the glue on the canvas, NOT the crayon.
  - Ask husband/friend to make an attachment to the hair dryer so the heat is more concentrated.
  - Fire up that hair dryer outside again and have FUN with it!
  - Bring it in, take off the tape and paper to see what leaked through.
  - Outline the heart shape in Sharpie to make it pop.
  - Decide whether you are a true perfectionist or not... should you cover up the small color with White-Out or just deal with it as it is???!!!

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