Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crayon Melting - My turn.

Throughout the time we were setting up and melting Robert's crayons, I was thinking of my design. I wanted to make two pieces, as we'd originally thought. I wanted to use a quote in each one, as sharing quotes is one of my passions. I wanted to inspire students with these quotes. Choosing quotes was a tough decision, but I recognized the fact that I had five canvases to play with if I needed them.

I looked through The Passion-Driven Classroom, by Angela Maiers. All that I'd highlighted would be for nice for teachers, but not for students. I checked The Element by Sir Ken Robinson once again, but it was the same deal. Where would I get my quote from?

Robby Novak. A.K.A. "Kid President."
YES! I love Kid President, my students love Kid President, and his pep talk has the message I want students to hear. I chose two quotes (which I will share later), and decided to do two different types of crayon melting designs.

First, the simpler quote, and a starburst design, much like the one Robert did. Of course, being the perfectionist I am, I organized my colors in the ROYGBIV order, as much as I could. I also had the exact same number on the "top" of my quote as on the bottom. It wasn't quite a circle, but the flattened oval was fine with me for this first round. The issue here was the length of the crayons. Easy fix. I cut them with a paring knife over a cutting board.

Pencil the quote on, rewrite in Sharpie, then glue on those crayons. Step outside, and fire up that hair dryer!

What I'd learned from Robert's trial, was to go with the flow. It's okay if it isn't thick, and it's okay if the colors run into one another. I also learned that the colors might collect in the middle, so I hastily taped a cardboard circle over the quote. This didn't really work, but it looked better than being totally covered. I dealt with it by going over the words with the Sharpie one more time.

I am happy with the outcome, as it was the second try, and I think I can hang this up in the classroom without being too embarrassed...

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