Sunday, June 30, 2013

Celia Door's Poetry, and More Attempts from Me

What IS poetry? I looked it up. So many meanings! I like how it was used in folk songs from long ago - I always think of songs as a type of poetry. I also like how it doesn't always have to rhyme. That's the type of poetry I like best (other than songs). Do I need to know what poetry is before I can move on? I don't believe so. I have a general idea, and I'll just keep trying to write poems to see if it fits with a general description.

So I need to keep writing. Celia Door (of The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door) wrote when she was upset, usually. There were other times she wrote when she was excited or happy. I'd bet that poets write when they are inspired - by their passions or by what irks them. What am I passionate about? Photography, singing, teaching...  If I want to be "dark," like Celia believes she is, I'll have to channel what bothers me...
  1. People who judge quickly, without knowing the other person or situation.
  2. When children are focused more on materials, rather than just plain fun or learning.
  3. Drivers who cut people off and think that only THEY are important.

I could go on and on, but I stopped early, because I think I have to go with the judgement idea - my students are very quick to judge, and this may be something I can use to help make the world a tiny bit better. Last year, when I read aloud Where Children Sleep, by James Mollison, they were quick to respond when I put up a picture of a child. I heard, "What IS that on her head?" "Is that a boy??" "Woah!" "Ew!" And I responded with, "Ouch." It hurt me to know they were not empathetic until they heard a part of the child's story in with one paragraph.

I thought of an idea for a product. Where could I put whatever it is I end up making? The girls' bathroom stalls. Girls in middle school can be so mean to each other, and to themselves, as well.

I've been brainstorming... This is in no particular order.

I know that this needs to be a picture, not written out in lines like this.

------------BRAINSTORMING ONLY------------

What do you see?
  Perfect hair
     Her hair would look better long.
     I cut my hair because my cousin is going through chemo.
     She needs to lose weight.
     My doctor says my thyroid glad is out of whack. I've been so sleepy.
     She is so scrawny.
     I have to lose weight or the popular girls will make fun of me.
     She asks too many questions
     I just don't understand anything the teacher says.
  Unwashed hair
  Brand name jeans
  Clothes from Goodwill
  Pretty pens
  Stubby pencil
  Bushy eyebrows
We want people to be unique, yet we put them down for being different.
What is perfect?
Who are you to judge?
Who am I to judge?
The only judgement we should base on looks is
  facial expression - scowl? frown? smile?
What do you hear?
  Nothing, but a look can say it all.
What do you know?
  You know what she wears, but not why she wears it.
  You know how she looks, but not the story behind it.
Get to know the PERSON, not the skin she's in.
  Have you talked to her? Asked her a question? Made a connection?
THIS will get you far in life.

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