Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celia Door's Poetry, and a Bit of Mine

One week later...  I had to get the book out of the library, because Celia makes sure she does NOT write certain words in her poetry. I had to find out what they were again, to see if I use them or not! After a long search, I found it - chapter 24...

   I, Celia the Dark, vow that I will never write love poetry.
   Additionaly, here is a list of the eight words that I believe should never be used in writing poetry: love, soul, heart, dream, sad (sadness), pain, awesome, and above all other words that should not ever be used in poetry, beautiful. Beautiful has been so overused in poems that it has no meaning anymore.
   I call this my list of "Never Words."
~The Sweet Revenge of Celia Door, by Karen Finneyfrock

I think I'll be okay. I'd written a poem to my husband before we were married, and it may have had some of those words in it, but a poem about trees doesn't have to! And trees is where I was heading next. I had jotted down a few ideas from last week's bike ride, and I finally came up with this:

Red, from a Tree's Perspective

Red X
  There is no worse fate.
  Selected to be killed.
     That one is in the way.
     That limb has fallen long ago.
     That one? Can't you see it's dead?
        If it's not quite dead yet, it will be soon.

Red Flag
  Not as bad.
     That branch grew over the path.
     That one obscures the view of the lake.

Red Dot
  A mark of distinction.
     Leading the way.
     Showing the path.
     Blazing a trail.

Red Jacket
  Not mine, but I'll take it.
     Leaning against me.
     Needing shade, resting.
     Assured I won't move from the middle of the meadow.
  Red core
     discarded to the ground.
          Soon to be eaten
              by a creature who'll live long...

Before writing, I thought of these questions: Should I make it in the shape of a tree? No. Can I indent? A lot? To make a point of some sort? Yes. Should I get a picture of an X, flag, dot, and jacket? No. But... I'm still thinking of a product of some sort. What if I found a picture to represent each idea of red? The rest of the picture can be black and white. I saw the red on the trees on my bike ride - I could go back and take pictures, and learn how to make just the red portion colorful. Then put the words on top of the pictures?? Maybe make a video of some sort? I'd need to fabricate the red jacket. But... how would this help others? ??

I need to brainstorm more, because writing like this is NOT my passion. I just don't feel it.

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